Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

   Hello Ladies and maybe some gentlemen! I hope you all had a great new years like I did. I spent it with all of my friends having fun and drinking cocktails and even got my new years kiss! While I was having all of my new years fun I couldn't help but stop and wonder what I should make my resolution. Sometimes I hate resolutions because lets be honest, there are some of us(like me) who say they're going to go through with this huge resolution and then don't. I have been doing this with every resolution I have probably ever made. So this year instead of it being a year long resolution I am making it a life resolution. And what is this resolution you may ask? It is simply to eat healthier.
    I'm sure this is a lot of other peoples resolutions as well so I figured I would share it with all of you so that we can go on this life resolution together! A huge part of beauty and lifestyle is the way you eat. The way you eat effects everything from the way you feel on the inside to the way you look on the outside. To be the best possible you that you can, you should be putting the best possible things  that you can into your body. So I will be blogging about my experience eating healthier. I will not be counting calories or anything like that just simple healthier eating. Here are the rules:
          1. NO JUNK FOOD.-- I have a serious thing for junk food. I always have. But after researching how junk foods are made and what goes into them(trans-fats, saturated fats, sodium) I have decided that I will no longer be putting anything like that into my body. So goodbye to jun foods!
          2. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AT EVERY MEAL-- I don't think this will be too hard to do. Part of the reason I eat junk foods is because most of the time they are snack foods. If I add fruits and vegetables into every meal then I will be less likely to get hungry later and have the urge to snack on something fatty, salty and bad for me.
          3. ONE FISH MEAL AND THREE VEGETARIAN MEALS A WEEK-- So this one may be a little hard. I don't necessarily like vegetarian meals but I do eat quite a bit of meat. Meat is not bad for you but I just feel that it should be eaten in moderation. So I will be cutting back on the amount of meat I eat and instead exchanging it for one fish meal a week and three vegetarian meals.
          4. MORE WATER-- I don't usually drink juices or pops anyways so I don't have to worry about those but I do need to start drinking more water! I used to drink a lot of water in one day and the results it had on my skin were amazing. My little skin problems cleared up and my skin was less oily
          This seem fairly easy to do and I hope that some of you guys will try it out with me! I will be posting some recipes I come across and I will be updating my progress! I hope you guys had a great new years and that some of you will try this life-style resolution with me!


  1. More water is a great one!
    I will definitely be working on drinking more water this year.

    Good luck! x

  2. Your resolutions sound very realistic so I believe that you can easily achieve your goals. Happy New Year!


  3. Good resolutions! I have been very naughty over Christmas and need a total detox now! X

  4. Great resolutions, good luck!! I usually dont make any, as im so bad at keeping them!!

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  5. i love this new years resoloution! i am doing something of the same thing i think i will struggle with the no-meat-for-3-days thing :-/ i am you're newest follower :)

  6. I am right there with you!! I have a resolution for a healthier lifestyle as well. I will be posting on my blog about, so glad I have your stories to look forward to as well !


  7. hello, thanks for checking out my blog, glad you decided to come back and do some blogging, now following you too, anddd i read your about me section, and i too love HARRY POTTER!! :) whoo haha X

  8. Mine should be to eat more healthy, but its too hard and I never do it properly!


  9. Good luck with your resolution! I'm trying to eat better as well! I agree with you, nutrition has a huge impact on your life in many facets like your energy, your mood and of course your appearance. Good luck sticking with it! I know it's going to be a bit of a struggle for me, but in the end I'm sure it will be worth it ;)

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  10. Good luck with your resolutions! :)
    New follower here!
    The Misty Mom

  11. Good resolutions! I really need to drink more water too so that is deffo one of mine too!

    I'm a new follower on your blog :)

    Kimberley x

  12. I agree with Kimbery, these are great resolutions. When I kicked my junk food habbit (okay, so cut it by 80%) I used to google what I was craving, and find out what 'healthy' I could eat to satisfy these cravings. I still get what I want, my body gets what it wants and I don't eat junk.

    Rebecca @

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  14. really great! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  15. I hope eating healthier is still going well for you! xx

  16. I love your blog!

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