Saturday, June 23, 2012

MAC Minzeralize Skinfinish Gold Deposit

I was so excited to use this before I took pictures of it that I lost the box! Going with my summer theme I wanted to do something that would make my skin look a little bit more summer like, and since I'm already brown tanning and bronzer, in my opinion was out of the question. So I  went to the MAC counter and asked them for a bit of help and I tried out three skin finishes and this is the one I ended up loving the most! It's called Gold Deposit and It looks lovely on the skin! It give the skin a sun kissed look without the over powering look of too much glitter which I thought it would do, but totally doesn't. I apply it with my real techniques blush brush, and apply it on my cheek bones uptowards my forehad making the shape of a three and then a litle down th bridge of my nose and then a little on my upper lip. When I say I put it in these places I mean that I put a bit on my brush and make it last for all of these places. This will look lovely on, but don't get too crazy because it could definitely go wrong! For me, this is a summer must have! What do you think?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose

 Summer is here summer is here!! I am so excited that summer is here, the sun is out, there is trips to be taken and fun to had. How many of you are as excited as I am? I am actually so excited that I went out and bought myself this lovely summer perfume! It is the essence of summer to me. I've tried a few samples of the regualr Flowerbomb and I like it but it's just a bit to musky for me. This one is the complete opposite. It is fresh and summery. I would describe it as being flowery and fruity at the same time. It really has a divine smell. I've been using it non-stop since I oredered it. This is the 1.7oz bottle and it cost about eighty dollars, but I guarantee it will last me the whole summer, if not longer. If you're looking for one summer fragrance this summer this oneis it! It captures summer prefectly! What is your summer fragrance?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Carol's Daughter Monoi Reparing Collection

   I am truly upset that I didn't know about this brand before two days ago. This is Carols Daughter Monoi hair repair kit. It comes with monoi shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. Carols Daughter is a paraben and sulfate free brand. I saw this and I picked it up secretly hoping it would work, but knowing that I might of just spent $24 dollars on nothing. I was completely wrong. These are THE BEST products I have ever put in my hair. EVER. My hair is naturally curly, and I chemically straighten it( so bad for it i know), so I'm always looking for things that will repair the damage, and make it shiny and loooking like I just came from the salon. I have yet to find anything, until now. The packagin says to wash, condition and then put the hair mask on, and sit under a hiar dryer for better results, it also promises 96% less breakage with the first use. I did all of the aboce, including sitting under a dryer so I could get the best results. As soon as I washed out the mask my hair felt extremely soft! I waited a bit until my hair dried and then looked a tmy end for breakage. I saw virtually no breakage, which is amazing, because I was thinking I was going to have to cut off so many inches to get rid of my breakage. The smell can smell a bit like a perm, which can smell like eggs, but it's only faint. Let me tell you, if you do not get this hair mask and you have breakage, you must go and buy it!! It is incredible! I can't wait to use it again, and but it again. These travel sizes were $24, and the full size hair mask was $29. It seems a bit high, but it is so worth it, extremely worth it!
Have you tried this brand? Whats your favorite hair mask?


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blog Hop

I joined a blog hop! Can't wait to see all the new friends and followers it brings me! Also can't wait to check out new blogs!! You should do it too! Go here --->Blog Love Therapy


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dior Show Mascara And Amplifier

  Finally getting to this! I've been super excited to review this. I got this in my haul and I've been using it as my main mascara everyday. This is one of the best everyday mascaras you will ever use! I was skeptical at first because I usually use Falsies for my everyday, and it makes my lashes so extremely long, but it also makes them clumped at times. So I've been on the hunt for a mascara that makes them super long, but doesn't clump them. I apply the amplifier first and then put the mascara on top. When I first applied the amplifier I was super excited because it made them look super long, but when I put the mascara on top I was really sad because they were only long, not super long. Then I came to love it! It's so great fore everyday, even though they don't get super long. I came to love it because my lashes look so full! So full, and absolutely clump free! I haven't have to try to get clumps out, and be mad because I have clumps. Clumps are a non-existent thought in my mind when applying this mascara. It also doesn't flake or smudge, which is a huge bonus! I'm currently on an expensive mascara hunt since I've just about tried every drug store mascara I can with no satisfaction other than falsies. I hope you guys will try this out! If you have small eyes and really small lashes to begin with I would watch out for the brush, because it is on the larger side. What is your favorite mascara? Give me ideas so I can try them out!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Redwoods Trip!

  Soo this is a different post for me, but I had SO much fun that I had to share it, and I also want you guys to get to know me a little more! You haven't seen very much of me other then makeup(boo!) So anyways, with my work and school, and my boyfriends work we have had a hard time trying to find good quality time. And this week I had two days off so we decided to go to the beach! While at the beach, around two pm, we were chatting about driving down to California along the coast line, since it's only six hours! So that's how I ended up with these pictures and in the redwoods! Totally spontaneous, and exactly what I needed to get away for a day. We stopped and ate at restaurants, and we stayed in a little town called Crescent City. The town wasn't bad, but it was a harbor town and i think what was the noise from the buoy could be heard literally all night in our hotel room. Other than that I had so much fun! In the morning we got up and drove to the redwoods where we went to the trees of mystery, and we road the sky trail, which is like a little gondola that takes you up in the air to the top of the mountain. Warning you, if you have a fear of heights, do not do this. I have a fear, and I was trying to be brave, but didn't realize how high up it went. At one point we were 150ft up in the air away from the ground. Needless to say, once I realized this I cried the rest of the way up. Once at the top(which is around 700ft up from the bottom) the view is spectacular, and the ride down isn't as scary. So this week I faced my fears, and spent quality time with my boyfriend! 
   Have you guys ever been to the redwoods??