Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NARS Magic Moon


  Lately I have been getting into NARS more, and while I was shopping my life away at their counter in Sephora I ran across this! Its a mini shadow pencil, and it was only ten dollars! I got it on my way to the checkout where they have all of the mini stuff. I really like this blue color. Blue is really a good summer color for me, and as soon as I put this on I felt that I was on a boat, or in Greece, or somewhere very blue. It's a really great color. I also like it because it's a good way to wear a bright color. It's bright but it can also be seen as not bright, so if you're not that into brights, or you want to start getting into brights try this out.You can use it as an all over eye shadow, or you can use it as a liner, which is what I prefer. When I run out of this I will most definitely be buying it in the normal size, that's how much I love it!
   Will you guys try this color out?


  1. That is a gorgeous colour! And it looks like it just goes on effortlessly! Great post xo

    1. It totally does! I don't have to press hard at all!