Monday, April 9, 2012

MAC Pink Popcorn

      You guys don't know this yet, but I have a serious addiction to MAC. I feel like I'm constantly at the MAC counter. And of course I couldn't keep myself away from their new collections. This lipstick is from the Reel Sexy collection and it's called "Pink Popcorn." I had to force myself to only by one thing from this collection(for now), and this is what I chose. It's a lustre lipsticks so it goes on failry easy and even though it's called Pink Popcorn I think it is more purple. It's really somewhat shimmery which I usually don't like but it's good for this spring. If you want it to look more pink, but put on a bit, and more if you want it more purple.
  Did you buy anything from this collection?


  1. what a pretty pink shade!!!

  2. I missed this collection and am regretting it! I love MAC but the collections are hard to keep up with!