Sunday, March 25, 2012

March Beautybox 5

        For those of you who don't know beauty box five is another beauty box subscription that has popped up. It costs twelve dollars a month( two dollars more than birchbox.)Sign up here! To tell you the truth I was really really excited about this box, but when it came it was just kind of blahh.But it is their first month so I'm willing to give them a little slack. For the first month I got Lavers, Trend Sensitive eyeliner in colors no.2, It is basically just a brown color, but all this brands products are organic so thats kind of cool. I also got Priti nyc soy nail polish removers, which I'm excited for, Pur-Lisse soy milk facial cleanser, and Weleda Iris Hydrating Day cream, and Night cream. Overall these things were okay nothing secial about them. I already se a facial cleanser that I love, and face cream , plus the face creams smelt too heavily of Iris.
    Will you guys try this box out?

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