Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lancome Rouge In Love


   To start out, I must confess that I have an obsession with Emma Watson from Harry Potter, and that is what brought me to the Lancome counter today, nothing more and nothing less. As she is the new spokes model for Lancome, she naturally had to promote it in her article that I just happened to be reading in Teen Vogue. That is why I decided to go there and spend $25 dollars each( bad I know) on their Rouge In Love lipsticks. I have never tried a Lancome anything before so I was a little hesitant. But as soon as I put them on my lips I knew they were the perfect lipsticks. They are very colored and shimmery at the same time. The one on the left is called "322M Corail In Love" and the one on the right is called "128M Ever So Sweet." Corail In love is pink that has a little bit of orange in it. And Ever So Sweet is the perfect Coral for spring.

    They actually last a long time like they say they do, and they are really moisturizing. If you ever try one thing from Lancome make sure its one of these Lovely lipsticks, they're the best.Photobucket


  1. Wow these are so pretty! I especially love the Ever So Sweet shade. I will have to go swatch these! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Definitely try it out! they're soo buttery!

  2. Ever so sweet is such a lovely colour!!! I'm dying to get my hands on these! Great post!
    Zow xx